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Worldwide | Aug. 13, 2023

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Company: Passthrough

Salary: $135,000 - $175,000

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


We exist to make investing in the private markets as easy as Robinhood did for public stocks. More and more people invest in private equity and venture capital every day. Even though this asset class has been around for decades, it wasn't built to handle this volume of investors. Signing up for Robinhood? It takes two minutes. Investing in a VC fund? You've got to fill out a 200-question questionnaire each time that you make an investment. The forms aren't standardized and not every question applies to every investor. Investors miss questions or answer the wrong ones and then have to redo the entire thing.

We built a TurboTax-style workflow for investors to only see the questions that matter to them and see every question that matters to them to make fund closing (i.e. the process of investing into a VC fund) easy. Our world record document completion time is two minutes.

That may sound boring but we've processed billions of dollars for thousands of investors. And by having an investor run through our workflow, we capture their identity so we can allow them to repurpose it wherever they'd like in the future. We call this an "investor passport" and it's the whole reason we built this business. This is the first fund workflow that we're automating.

The problems you’ll solve

At Passthrough, you’ll do more than simply coding and following directions. Since we’re an early stage startup, there’s plenty of opportunity to influence design and direction. We’re tackling complex projects without easy answers, like creating the investor passport from above. What kind of data is reusable, how do we store it, how should we present it to investors, what permissions need to exist? You need to approach the problem from at least technical, product, security, and visual perspectives.

All of our employees and clients constantly generate new product ideas as a collaborative effort, allowing you to take on tasks outside of strictly engineering.

You’ll develop a deep understanding of the whole product and technology stack. Each engineer has a unique role in the company. Regardless of what your experience is or where your career interests lie, we’ll cooperatively tailor a path that aligns with your goals and ours. As the company is changing quickly and you’re exploring your interests, we will adjust this trajectory frequently based on regular check-ins so your role is dynamic and evolving with us.

Technologies we use

  • React

  • Django/Django REST

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Python

  • Enterprise APIs, such as Docusign and Sendgrid

The team you’ll work with

The engineering team is currently a close-knit group of 5 that are a mix of NYC-based and remote. The team consists of former Google and Carta employees. We know how to build engineering, product, and revenue generating businesses in this space. We’re fast paced and highly collaborative. Engineers play a critical role in product decisions and work closely with the founders and all departments. We work in week-long sprints, where we decide which projects the team should focus on and which projects we personally would like to work on. This gives us all autonomy to direct our day-to-day tasks in addition to our larger career goals.



  • Python

  • Proficiency in React or expert in equivalent frontend framework

  • Strong proficiency in Django or expert in equivalent web frameworks

  • Familiarity with SQL

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly

  • Comfort with ambiguity in a fast-growing startup


  • Clear, concise communication skills

  • Enthusiasm to be stretched beyond a standard software engineering role

  • Interest or experience in financial or wealth tech

What to expect in the hiring process

We go through the same interview steps for all engineers to ensure equity in our hiring process. All roles also require a background check.

Our process is designed to learn as much about each candidate as possible, as well as to give candidates access to our team and learn about what it's like to work at Passthrough.

  • Initial screen: Have a quick 20-30 minute chat with the team to learn more about each other

  • Technical screen: Have an 45 minute technical screen where you'll be asked a coding question over Google Docs

  • Onsite Interview: 2-3 45-minute technical screens with our co-founder Alex and others from the engineering team. This should be a familiar process if you've interviewed at a company like Google. Those screens will be followed up by 2 separate 30-minute meetings with the other co-founders, Tim and Ben.

  • Get a decision: We'll get back to you within a week on what's next

Apply here:

Web: Apply here


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