Senior Fullstack Python Developer (Python, Django, React) - job post

United States | June 19, 2023

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Company: Intone Networks

Salary: $117,000 - $148,000

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


Title: Senior Fullstack Python Developer (Python, Django, React)
This is a 60/40 fullstack role or even 70/30 fullstack role (backend/frontend) so you will be primarily building/developing services on the backend.
An ideal candidate would also have the following skills: 
8+ years of experience Python/Django – backend services development
React (new language they will be launching into production in 4-5 months)
Vue.js (Older language, they will be refactoring away from)
Docker (need to have deployed applications in the past)
Jenkins The app is still sitting on-prem via Linux servers, not in the cloud yet but will be soon.
Ansible – deploy via ansible scripts Docker Swarm – is nice to have
Kubernetes (K8’s) – is also nice to have

Apply here:

Web: Apply here


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