Ralabs - Senior FS Dev Python/React/Vue.js

Worldwide | Oct. 25, 2023

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Company: Uppeople

Salary: $84,975 - $94,417

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


We are seeking a Senior Full stack (React or Vue+Python) Engineer who is passionate about revolutionizing the medical records industry.

What is a project idea?
Our client project aims to modernize the way medical records are handled and transferred. They are addressing the issue of outdated and inefficient practices in patient data management, which often involve fax machines and can lead to lost or delayed information, unnecessary reordering of tests, and even malpractice claims.

The solution is to digitize the transfer and release of patient data, providing a more reliable and secure method of handling this critical information. This digital approach is intended to improve patient outcomes by ensuring that all relevant health data is readily available when and where it's needed.

Is there a legacy?

What is the team size and structure?

It's a new project for our company, and already, we have 1 DevOps and 1 Senior Full-Stack Developer, plus a part-time Project Manager. We are planning to hire one more strong engineer.
From the client's side, there will be at least 10 very strong software engineers from the heart of software development and innovation – San Francisco!

Communication and collaboration are key, while you will be able to communicate directly with the US team it is important to be ready to work during the US hours (Approximately 21:00-22:00 CET).

How many stages of the interview are there?
– Interview with the Recruiter – up to 30 min.;
– Technical interview on our side – up to 1-1:30 h;
– Interview with the client.

• 4+ years of working experience using Python;
• 4+ years React or Vue.js;
• Hands-on experience with Docker;
• Django or Flask;
• GraphQL or REST;
• SQL and NoSQL databases;
• An Upper-intermediate level of English.

Nice to have
• To be familiar with Celery/Workers.

• Be ready to work with Research & Development tasks;
• Be ready to work during American working hours;
• Be ready to work using pair programming technique;
• Be ready to enforce best practices and improve test coverage;
• Have fun and make an impact while developing awesome and cool software;
• Take part in requirements analysis, task planning, estimation, coding;
• Suggest technical and functional improvements for the project;
• Maintain close collaboration with other team members (aka find some great new friends).

We offer
• No screenshots, bureaucracy; time logging for accounting only. We trust you!
• Quality workstations. Mostly we choose a Macbook so you will receive comfortable equipment for work or you can work on your own device;
• Dynamic environment with a low level of bureaucracy;
• Teambuildings, swag, corporate events and the team you will actually want to hang out with;
• Education program 100 — we provide $100 per year for education;
• Mentorship program (get a mentor or become one);
English Lessons with 6-month review process (speaking and writing classes);
• Refunding certification expenses;
• Corporate Udemy account, where any employee can request any course free of charge;
• 20 days of paid annual vacation;
• 15 days of paid sick leaves;
• Possibility to use vacation during probation;
• Days off on all Ukrainian government holidays;
• Social package, including medical compensation or sports compensation or psychological training sessions;
• Overtime is not welcome. Ralabs always emphasizes that we are working to provide work-life balance for employees;
• We work in a completely white field, and the salary is paid to the card in euros or dollars every first week of the month.

Про компанію Ralabs

Behind Every Successful Product are Dedicated People
With proven expertise in developing meaningful solutions, Ralabs is an established tech partner of leaders in many industries, including healthcare and fintech. Our software solutions adhere to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, OWASP, WCAG, PSD2, KYC, CIS, PCI DSS, etc. With more than 80 successful projects, 7 years on the market and around 100 engineers, we're proud to say that most of our clients have referred us to a friend.

Our Services include:
- Dedicated Teams (React, Python, Node.js, Ruby and others);
- Web & Mobile Custom Software Development;
- AI & Data Engineering;
- IoT;
- Cloud Integration & Serverless architecture;
- MVP, PoC, and Project Discovery;
- Codeless Development;
- Open AI Stack Integration;
- UI/UX Design.

Our Remarkable Milestones:

We take pride in introducing Europe's pioneering mobile app for combatting COVID-19 challenges, thoughtfully designed to align with GDPR regulations and contact-tracing protocols. This accomplishment showcases our ability to tackle urgent healthcare issues and deliver inventive resolutions.

Our diverse portfolio features a spectrum of triumphs, including the development of the GeoHealthApp—an encompassing health monitoring platform. Additionally, we've crafted the Doctor-Patient Platform, fostering seamless communication between medical professionals and patients. The Woman Health App empowers women to manage their well-being effectively, while the Telemedicine App facilitates remote healthcare consultations. Not to forget the FDS system, streamlining pharmaceutical distribution and logistics.

IT Services:
- Custom Software Development: We develop tailor-made software solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.
- Digital Transformation: We assist in the digital transformation of healthcare systems, optimizing processes, improving patient care, and enhancing operational efficiency.
- Post-production Support: Our commitment extends beyond development, as we provide ongoing support to ensure smooth operations and address any technical issues that may arise.
- Tech Consultation: We offer comprehensive technology consultations to help healthcare organizations leverage the latest advancements in software and digital solutions.
- Product UI/UX Design: Our design expertise extends to healthcare products, ensuring intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the overall user experience."

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