Onboarding Engineer

Worldwide | June 24, 2023

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Company: Community Phone

Salary: $85,971 - $95,524

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


☎ Community Phone

remote first and always

Community Phone is a venture-backed, Y-Combinator graduate with a simple mission: make the phone more powerful.

In the smartphone revolution, we've forgotten about the phone; it's been left behind technologically. It serves us spam calls or requires small business owners to learn technical concepts like VoIP (Voice over IP or internet calling).

In 2022 we grew our recurring revenue by over 400% while discovering profitable channels ready for optimization and scale.

Our team expanded from 17 people in 2022 to 70+ now. Our customers now include KFC, AT&T, dozens of state and local governments, and General Motors (as well as consumers around the US).

Our investors are the same early investors in companies like Reddit, DropBox, Airbnb, Twitch, and Lyft. Our culture is customer-centric and believes happy customers are the best salesforce on the planet! Our growth has been organic, and we’re growing the team to meet the demand.


🌟 About the role

As our Onboarding Engineer, you will be a key leader on our engineering team. You will be the Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) for the Onboarding Team, owning the first 30 days of our customer journey.

You will be responsible for ensuring we deliver on our product promise of being a plug-and-play onboarding experience. You will collaborate with stakeholders in marketing, customer support, sales, and data. You will own business KPIs like onboarding NPS, customer support tickets in the first 30 days, and pre-30-day churn.


Our stack: Typescript/Javascript, React, Python/Django


🚀 You will...
  • Report on and improve central KPIs associated with onboarding like

    • Time to successful installation 

    • Volume of customer support interaction during onboarding 

    • Onboarding NPS 

  • Collaborate with our Founding PM, our UX Designer, and our Product Marketer to design and implement an outstanding customer experience

  • Iron Out Issues with phone number port-in, device installation, etc. 

  • Bring Delight to our customers by understanding their pain points and what brings them utter joy in a new product

  • Own the Full Stack in this aspect of the Customer Experience, delivering features that span telecom infrastructure to mobile applications to web applications


🏆 You are...
  • Experienced with 6+ years of customer-focused engineering experience working in the full stack 

  • Customer-Obsessed – the idea of beta testing directly with our elderly customers brings you joy and puzzlement rather than “that’s not my job” 

  • Accountable – eager to be directly responsible for and accountable to key business KPIs for our Onboarding Team 

  • Product Thinking – you have designed systems from scratch to deliver on key customer experience goals

  • Organized – you will own the engineering cycle for the Onboarding Team, including developing user stories, tracking progress, presenting at the company-wide biweekly demo, etc. 

  • Scrappy – you will do what it takes to find a solution, even if it means tracking down the one person on earth who has done it before to pick their brain


💙 Community Phone Culture

Community Phone has a customer-obsessed culture. We are looking for team members who love our product and mission and see the remote first environment as a bonus. 

Beyond the job description, here are some traits members of our team share:

We value Curiosity and learning in our employees. We promote open-mindedness, embrace mistakes, and encourage challenging questions for personal growth. We create a culture of continuous learning to empower our team to tackle challenges and excel in their roles.

Efficiency in everything. We operate lean, optimizing resources to improve our products and deliver a world-class customer experience. We prioritize value over excess, embodying a scrappy and resourceful spirit to achieve our mission and values.

We prioritize taking decisive action over deliberation, recognizing that building a world-class product requires pushing personal limits and taking risks. We believe that a Bias Toward Action is essential for achieving our goals and delivering exceptional results to our customers.

We strive for Transparency and prioritize open, Direct communication. This helps us resolve issues quickly and build strong relationships with our stakeholders.

We take our work seriously and see it as a reflection of who we are. We're always looking for ways to improve and are open to feedback. We approach our work with a sense of ownership and a desire to deliver the best possible results. By embodying a Founder Mindset, we're able to achieve our goals and create exceptional products.

We value a Caring Mentality. Our customers come first, and we collaborate to provide exceptional service. We prioritize teamwork over personal accolades, fostering a customer-focused culture that drives our success and promotes a supportive work environment.

Join our team and help us lead the market with delightful customer experiences and a supportive, collaborative work environment. If our values resonate with you, we would love to have you on board!

Our salary ranges are determined by role, level, and location.

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Web: Apply here


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