Lead Fullstack Developer

Worldwide | Jan. 13, 2023

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Company: Vertrical GmbH

Salary: $57,600 - $63,360

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


Hi! 👋 Nice to meet you! 

"Great things in business are never done by one person ; they're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

If you are a latin-american Freelance Fullstack Developer who has experience leading a team and is passionate about making people better, instead of just telling them what to do, and if you are looking forward to working with renowned US clients, I suggest you keep reading...☺

Vertrical is an international custom development partner for digital health pioneers with a 100% remote setup. We design and build web & mobile solutions for digital health and pharma scale-ups and enterprises. So we combine health and technology throughout the world, which is pretty cool, right?

Your Role

As an experienced Freelance Lead Fullstack Developer you will be leading one of our Engineering teams and working together with multiple departments. Regarding the work, it's a 100% remote job and our teams are sized in a way they are flexible enough to work at comforting and happy pace. 

But what does leading a team mean for us? 

We are big fans of new leadership, which is based on trust and appreciation between manager and employee. A good leader should take responsibility for the personal and professional development of their team members, ensuring that they are in a positive, learning environment which helps to get the best out of them. 

As a lead you should be the first person that a team member can turn to when they require help, may it be for technical or personal reasons.  

We would definitely expect you to organize your team which also includes innovate with your own processes and sharing your ideas with the wider company and also maintaining healthy teamwork.  

Communication is an important topic for us. Not only the way of communicating with each other but a lead should also be the pivot of communication between their team and the rest of the business. You should be able to handle minor issues by yourselves and escalate bigger issues where necessary. This also means: Be available for the client regarding any questions and concerns. 

Meetings. You will be required to lead daily meetings and encourage involvement from your team. Your role will be a part of the architectural decisions of the product and translate product requirements to technical solutions. Your role should aim to be involved in any planning, refinement, and evaluation sessions for their projects, and convey useful information to any developers who were unable to attend along with helping team members on technical decisions. This role will also be responsible for organizing team sprints together with PO and team, along with team development and reviews.

What about code? 

Of course you will be involved in the development work and attempt to complete tickets to try and remain in touch with the codebase. 

Sounds good? Read on and see what else we have to offer! 

What we bring to the table:
  • You will work in an industry that makes the world a better place 
  • Your hourly rate will be between $30-$33 USD, depending on your experience
  • You will work in a flexible remote-setup. Work-life-balance is important to us and we believe you know best when you are most productive
  • We are also offering an initial freelancing contract of 6 months with a posibility of extension
What we wish you bring to the table:

You are a Freelancer Lead Fullstack Developer, of course, but you are also a leader who likes to enable and empower people. You are a person with positive energy, who is able to step back from their own ego and does not confuse leadership with bossing. You are humble and open for a great feedback culture and continuously look for possibilities to improve.

We do not think in rigid requirements, but here are a few things you can impress us with:

  • Profound knowledge in JavaScript (TypeScript, React, Node.js, Functional programming paradigms)
  • Profound knowledge in AWS and/or Azure (nice to have: certification)
  • Nice to have: Good knowledge in Python (Django)
  • Good knowledge in CICD Tools
  • Knowledge in TDD
  • Excellent non-violent communication skills in English (other languages are of course a plus) 
  • Trust your team to do the work, and do it correctly without being "micro-managery" 
  • Readiness to constructively criticize and feedback the C-Level and colleagues
  • Willingness to enable your team and embrace their feedback as well as client’s feedback
About working at Vertrical

We all don’t like cheap talk, right? We could try to explain at great length about our really fantastic and talented team, flexible working hours and our outstanding positive company culture. But instead we are open to chat about everything you are interested in with you. Just reach out and we will be happy to get in contact.

But what is seriously very important to us and therefore should not go unmentioned:

We're all about building a workplace for the future here at Vertrical, we believe in equality and embrace diversity. We’re an inclusive workplace, where everyone is welcome and be the true and best versions of themselves.

If you think we match your criteria as well, please get in touch, we love to hear from you.  

⚠️ Please note: Due to legal limitations, we can only offer this remote position to someone based in Latin American Countries.  

⚠️ Please note: We appreciate all the language diversity, however our primary language for all forms of communication here at Vertical is English, so please ensure you submit your CV in English

Apply here:

Web: Apply here


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