DEV/OPS engineer

Chile | April 14, 2023

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Company: VTI-UChile

Salary: $18,000 - $20,400

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


Digitally transforming the University of Chile

The VTI of the University of Chile is the first vice -rectory of IT in Chile, we are spearhead pushing that IT should be part of the strategic development. & nbsp; A multidisciplinary team that is responsible for promoting the use of technologies mediated education methodologies. Delivery support to teachers and academic units in the development of online and hybrid courses, gives operational continuity of LMS platforms and develops technological improvements and innovations that contribute to improving the education that is delivered.A large amount of use data, with which we generate analytics that contribute to learning and monitoring of learning, as well as for the evaluation and improvement of courses design.In this area we want to innovate in the use of data science to implement new analytics that substantially improve the work of teachers and the learning of our students. & NBSP; We lookcount on knowledge: </ div>
  • Advanced in Linux and Phyton;> Basic in Ci/CD and Kubernetes
We look for people who maintain very good communication with the team, capable of learning for themIn sight, also listening to others and with disposition to solve any difficulty we find on the way. It is not necessary for you to handle them all, I only know honest in what you know since you will pay a practical knowledge exam in the interview. The rest you learn on the way! The Vice Rectory of Information Technology (VTI) of the University of Chile, is an agent of change and digital transformation that contributes to the mission of the University, through the development and innovative application of Information and Communications Technologies. For this, it manages and develops technological initiatives that seek solutions to current and future problems of the University and the country. Insert in this vice -rectory, there is the Office of Online Education (EOL). Focus in infrastructure, continuity of the operation, management of disaster recovery plans, compliance assurance of the performance SLAs of the platform, and optimization of resources. Job functions
  • Execution Multiple Platform Backup and Restoration Procedures.
  • Implementation of distributed architectures according to market standards.
  • Performing active monitoring and early alert for platforms.
  • Update, migration and publication of changes of Open Source platforms.
  • Ability to work on on-premise systems ensuring operational continuity, compliance with slas and execution of recovery plans in case of disasters.
  • Development of short -range solutions for the platforms of the Online Education Office.
  • Support in the deployment of developments on the platform.
  • Continuous integration and distribution pipelines (CI/CD) for automation of processes of the various platforms.
  • Location of LTI or third -party applications to include on the platform. Factoring .
  • Documentation and maintenance of the office git as developments for Open Edx.

Job Requirements

We are looking for professionals in Computer Engineering or related careers with at least 1 year of experience in similar positions, such as Development Engineer, Systems Engineer or DevOps.

You need to have knowledge:

  • advanced in Linux and Python;
  • intermediates in BASH, GIT, Docker, Django and AWS, Azure, GCP or similar
  • basics in CI/CD and Kubernetes
  • short Friday.
  • administrative days.
  • University break throughout February.
  • important discounts on training and training.
  • Participation in activities and talks within the University.
  • Education discounts.
  • Medical licenses without coverage stop.
  •  Optional: Ansible, terraft or infrastructure knowledge as a code.

Apply here:

Web: Apply here


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