Full Stack Web Developer Django

United States | April 21, 2023

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Company: Conceptor.ai

Salary: $72,000 - $84,868

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


Our solution to the task of creating the buyer’s universe is the Intelligent Synergy Predictor (I.S.P). This artifically intelligent algorithm attempts to create the optimal buyer’s universe based on the client’s goals, company attributes, and financials.
Whether your client is looking to maximize their sale value or find a strategic partner to recapitalize their business and drive growth, the I.S.P will supercharge this effort to reach you and your client’s goals.

In seconds, the I.S.P makes 60,000 evaluations on 20 potential relationships between your client’s company and active investors enabling you to strategically target only those investors that would be most incentivized.

I had a web app created by a web development agency and now I am looking for someone capable of maintaining/making new changes to it and educating me on some aspects of it.

The ideal person would be completely comfortable in with React.js, AWS, Django REST API, PostgreSQL.

Besides that I am looking for an American based developer with strong communication skills and an ability to clearly explain concepts to me.

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Web: Apply here


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