Engineering Lead - Backend

Worldwide | Oct. 18, 2023

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Company: ReturnBear

Salary: $84,393 - $93,770

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time



Retail returns suck. We all hate packing, printing, and shipping unwanted items only to wait weeks for a refund … And retailers have it rough too. They have to figure out what has to be re-sold, refurbished, or recycled, and if they don't figure it out fast enough, they might as well send everything to a landfill. Nobody wins.

This is why ReturnBear exists. We are Canada's first end-to-end reverse logistics solution. Our nationwide drop-off network means immediate exchanges and returns with no re-packing. We sort and QA goods to get inventory back to merchants fast, giving retailers 20%+ savings and making consumers happier. We make returns easy for everyone and better for the planet.



As a Technical Engineering Lead at ReturnBear, you'll spend 50% of your time owning a piece of the code that powers a key part of our business, and the other 50% of your time as a product facilitator. You'll be encouraged to speak with clients, product and operations teams and be actively involved in requirements gathering and feature creation, rather than just passively deliver code against a fully-made specification. Understanding how to extract requirements from clients and stakeholders is key.  We feel that early involvement from engineering is key to success.

We want you to become an expert in your own domain.  You'll gather requirements, execute with code, and also be a part of peer reviewing your team's code.

We are looking for backend and fullstack engineers with at least 3 years of experience in some of the following technologies and frameworks.


  • Python
  • Django
    • GraphQL - Strawberry or Graphene
    • Public API generation and documentation
  • Testing


  • React, or mastery of a javascript framework such as Angular
  • GraphQL
  • Testing
    • Cypress
    • Jest

Product/Project Management

  • Scrum
  • JIRA
  • Requirements gathering and client interviews



Candidates will be assessed at each of the following steps.



  • We receive your profile, resume, etc.


INTRO: 15 min

  • Online conference call with Head of Engineering


TAKE-HOME EXERCISE: Return within 7 days of receiving. 

  • Open ended coding exercise submitted on GitHub



  • With 2 engineering leads.
  • Real-world problem solving exercise.






  • We are a well-funded startup and can pay competitive salaries.


  • Full health benefits


  • 0.008% to 0.01%

  • Ownership mentality. “It's their problem, not mine” doesn't have a place here. You own the problems and challenges that you see, and proactively work with your colleagues to turn them into opportunities. We're in it together!
  • Growth mindset. You learn from your mistakes and believe in human potential. It's not that you can't overcome the challenge you're facing, it's just that you haven't overcome it yet. You appreciate the diverse thoughts and perspectives of your colleagues, partners and clients, and you are committed to actively listening and learning.
  • Getting things done. You are keen to do great work, and ship things often. “Done is better than perfect” might be something you believe in, and while you always strive to deliver what is best for you and your team, you realize that sometimes you'll have to circle back on it to iterate and make improvements.
  • Flexibility and comfort in ambiguity. You embrace the agile nature of design and development, and you are equally comfortable pivoting your plan and process as you are establishing a workback schedule. Try as we might, things won't always go as planned, and you always try to be ready to deal with that as it comes.
  • Passion for the problems we're solving. You understand how ecommerce and retail ecosystems are growing with emerging brands and solution providers, and you're keen to make an impact not just on the lives of customers, but on the businesses of our merchant partners and on the environment as well. Together we can save merchants and their customers time and money, AND we can help keep returns out of landfills.
  • Diversity and inclusion. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates regardless of their background, sexuality, physical abilities and ways of self-identification.
  • Honing your craft, your way. We provide the opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge. We work collaboratively and flexibly, with opportunities to shape a hybrid working style suited to your needs.
  • All-you-can-pop bubble wrap. The popit craze has nothing on good ol' bubble wrap. Pop your way to zen, in true reverse logistics style.


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