Azure Full-Stack Developer Django

United States | Sept. 30, 2023

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Company: Cyclotron

Salary: $125,000 - $150,000

Type: Remote

Employment: Full-time


Cyclotron Inc., a leading Microsoft partner specializing in system integration and professional services, is seeking an experienced Azure Full Stack Developer with a focus on creating user interfaces for REST APIs, including the Azure OpenAI / ChatGPT service. The successful candidate will be part of our Azure Practice team that provides Azure-based solutions in data & AI, application innovation, and infrastructure.


    • Develop and implement web-based user interfaces for chat experiences.
    • Collaborate with the backend team to integrate RESTful APIs, including Azure OpenAI / ChatGPT.
    • Work with Azure APIM, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Cognitive Search, and Log Analytics for optimum system performance.
    • Utilize Containers for deployment and scaling.
    • Implement role-based responses in a ChatGPT-like solution.
    • Structure logs for prompts and responses in a web application into a structured data format.
    • Conduct web testing and load testing to ensure high performance and reliability.
  • Maintain codebase using version control systems, with access to GitHub CoPilot and CoPilot X.

Skills & Qualifications:


    • Minimum of 5 years of experience in scalable web UI development.
    • At least 3 completed web site projects based on Azure.
    • Strong expertise in web development languages and frameworks like Django, React, Angular (toolset agnostic).
    • In-depth knowledge of Azure services like APIM, Load Balancer, Cognitive Search, and Log Analytics.
    • Fundamental knowledge of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).


    • Experience with Containers for deployment.
    • Proficiency in web testing and load testing.
    • Familiarity with structured logging and data formats.

Cyclotron is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Cyclotron values diversity, equity and inclusion, and aims to practice DE&I in all that we do.

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Web: Apply here


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